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Pursuit Series (Wednesdays)

Our popular Wednesday Night Racing Series. A series of 10 races set over the summer season, each race is 1 hour long, starting at 7:30pm and racers will attempt as many laps around the markers as they are able in the time alotted. Start times for races July 19 onward will adjust earlier to 7pm accommodate enough evening light for safety. PHRF rating. This means the slowest boat starts first, fastest boat starts last. The race lasts 60 minutes sailing a triangular course. PHRF (white and spinnaker) starting times are assigned and emailed prior to the start of the season. Boats can either sail with or without flying sail (spinnaker). One fee covers between 2 or all 10 races. Great practice and fun for all!

Pursuit Series (Wednesdays)

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